Health Insurance

Our office is now Covered CA Certified, meaning we can assist you in picking out, signing up and completing your online applications through the new health insurance exchange.

To create an account and assign our office as the Agent, first visit the Covered California web site and create your account, or login to your current account. You can then click the link that says "Get Help" (See Image below). Click on the "Find an Agent" or "Find Local Help" link and search for either Karen Lynch or Jon Matosian. You can also search by Zip and use 96161 to pull up our office.

Once you select us as your Agent, we will be notified by email and can contact you to assist you with picking a plan and with completing and submitting the application. You don't have to battle the exchange alone!

Remember, the exchange is meant for individual health plans (this includes families). If you are looking for a group health plan for your business or a medicare plan, please Contact Us for more information.