Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner Insurance can be for a traditionally built home, a mobile home, or a Condo unit. Renter's insurance is actually written on a version of a Homeowner Form, so could be considered Homeowner insurance as well. Land lord polices are written as Dwelling Fire Forms, and have a different set of rules. Most Homeowner policies are written on an "All Perils" basis, meaning that unless it is explicitly excluded in the policy, it would be considered covered. It is important to know what your policy will cover! Earthquake is always excluded, and would have to be written seperately or endorsed on to the policy to be covered.

Most homeowner policies also include a built in amount for Other Structures and Personal Property. However, there are special limits for certain classes of Personal Property, such as Firearms, Jewelry, or Fine Arts. If you have any high value property, you should let your agent know to make sure it gets properly covered.

You may also add Peronsal Liability coverage to your Homeowner's policy. This will cover when someone sues you for being liable for something. For example, a visitor came to visit you and fell down the stairs when the hand rail broke.

Most Mortgage companies require that you maintain insurance on your home while the have the loan with the company. Some Mortgage's also offer an Impound Account that will pay the insurance every year and include the amount in your monthly mortgage payments.